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About My Designs

This machine embroidery design or collection of designs has been created by Belinda Joy Designs.

I hope you enjoy the selection of designs you have chosen and invite you to visit my site often for on-going inspiration, education and all your embroidery, sewing and quilting needs. I will be adding new designs weekly and posting interesting information so that we can all learn more about the fascinating and ever changing world of machine embroidery, applique and quilting.

I know you have spent a lot of money on your embroidery machines and I understand the time it takes to stitch out an embroidery design, therefore I put a lot of time and effort to ensure that my designs are perfect and have minimum or no jump stitches where possible.

My Machine Embroidery Designs

It is very important to stitch out designs in the sewing order specified in the embroidery file so that the design keeps its integrity.

Depending on the format you have chosen for your embroidery machine, the colours may vary. This is perfectly normal as each embroidery format has its own colour palette.  Some formats are limited in their colour selections and will switch to totally different colours by default on your computer screen.  This is the reason for the colour chart that is provided with each design or design set.  Please refer to this colour sequence chart attached with each design.

TIP: Most embroidery machine software programs have thread colour conversion programs incorporated in them to enable you to convert the colours to the embroidery thread brand of your choice. Learn to use this or simply use your creativity and choose your own thread colour preferences.

TIP: If you are working with a specific fabric, pick out the colours from your fabric and incorporate these in your embroidery design.

Applique Designs.

Please never change the sequence of applique designs as these designs are sequenced so that certain elements of the design remain at the back of the design. This sometimes may mean that you have to use the same colour twice in a design at different intervals depending on the intensity of the embroidery design.

I have worked out a way to make applique easier for you to do.

After hooping and placing your hoop in the sewing machine, choose the most neutral colour of your design (usually the lightest colour) and thread up your machine.

  1. Stitch out the placement line.
  2. Place fabric over stitched outline.
  3. The next sequence will tack down this piece of fabric.
  4. Cut around this piece of fabric as close to the stitch line as possible (leaving approximately 2mm around the stitch line).
  5. Using the same colour thread, continue with this sequence until all your applique pieces are stitched to your design. Where possible, I normally start with the fabric pieces at the top of the design and work downwards so that you are not battling to cut fabric pieces out behind the needle of the sewing machine.
  6. At this point (still using your neutral colour thread), the next step of the design will do a zig-zag stitch around the whole design ensuring that it is firmly tacked in place.
  7. Now the fun begins as all the hard work is done!
  8. Change your cotton colours at each interval of the design to what you have chosen or as is specified in the thread colour sheet and watch your design come to life as it completes the design and the satin stitch around the fabric pieces.
  9. Please keep an eye out on my web site as I will do a detailed description of this process with pictures included.
  10. Enjoy your design!

Terms of use

The designs you have purchased may be stitched on items to be sold, but the designs themselves cannot be traded, sold or included in any other design set to be sold. However, you must have purchased my designs in order to use them on items you sell. Please, if you use my designs on items that you make a profit from, kindly give me the courtesy of purchasing my design set…and not simply downloading my free designs.  All of my designs are created by me, many long hours have gone into these designs to bring you unique and high quality designs.  Please respect my work.  Also, you may alter the patterns for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  You may NOT alter the patterns and sell them after altering, or claim them as your own.

If you have a website for your business, you are welcome to display my designs if you offer your customers a choice of what they would like stitched on an item you are making. However, please give me credit for my designs by stating “These designs have been purchased from Belinda Joy Designs” as well as a link to my web site

If you have any items that you have made with my designs, I would be very happy to display them on my “Projects” page and a link to your website as well!  If ever in doubt, I’m just an email away and am always happy to answer any questions you may have. My contact details can be found on my website

Thank you so much and please keep in contact with me on my website – I would love to see your completed designs and projects.  


With love


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