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Owl eyes
This appliqued embroidery design is so wonderfully versatile. I have used glow in the dark thread f..
Ornate Pineapple
This embroidered pineapple is a real classic and is very versatile. It is perfect for variegated th..
Oriental vase gazebo and knot
These 3 matching embroidery designs have no jump stitches, therefor making them easy to sew. These ..
Orchid and Wisteria in pot
This floral embroidery design can be done in three ways. The first is just the design on its own. ..
Monkey with singing bird
Please read my applique instructions which are included in the PDF file before commencing this embro..
Monkey with Banana
Use this cute embroidery design to compliment the sweet dream monkey. 5 Sizes are included, namely ..