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Teddy on Tree
A cute applique teddy to add to your nursery collection. This embroidery design is for the 5x7, 6x1..
Teddy My best friend
There are 2 hooping’s for this embroidery design, one with the wording and one with the teddy...
Teddy in Balloon
This appliqued Teddy embroidery design is perfect for a quilt with a name or birth announcement plac..
Teddy for quilt
This appliqued Teddy embroidery design has raw edged patches on his paws and patches which lend a vi..
Tablecloth Floral Scroll
This wonderfully versatile floral embroidery set has many design combinations to be used for table c..
Tablecloth Butterfly Set
I love this one colour embroidery design set. It can just run on its own whilst you are busy doing ..